2D & 3D Animation

Two-dimensional representation of ideas and concepts through creating storyboards, characters and backgrounds are referred to as 2D Animation. This traditional form of animation enables vertical and horizontal movements of the figures. Bitmap and vector graphics are commonly used to create 2D animation.

Representation of objects, ideas and concepts in a three-dimensional space enables the movement and rotation of figures like real objects. Computer gaming, VFX, TV shows and films are some of the main sectors where 3D animation is used.


3D Walkthrough

An innovative and groundbreaking representative technique, 3D walkthrough has become an inevitable component in marketing in architectural and real estate sectors. This technology allows customers and stakeholders to view the interiors of buildings in virtual reality. Plans of architectural projects can be brought to life through this technology even before the construction of the actual project starts. This gives home buyers a real-life experience!


3D Modeling

When a physical object is represented in a 3D space through the manipulation of edges, vertices (points in virtual space) and polygons, it is referred to as 3D Modeling. 3D Modeling is extensively used in films and computer games. Remember the out-of-the-world creatures and monsters in some of the movies you have seen? This is where 3D Modeling has been used! Apart from this, there are other sectors too that are dependent on this form of graphical representation. 3D printing, marketing, scientific and medical imaging, manufacturing CAD/CAM etc are some of these sectors. 


Architectural 3D Visualization

Simulation has become the number one marketing technique when it comes to the architectural or real estate sector. With the help of 3D visualization, customers are shown what a planned building would look like. Housing complexes, shopping malls, hospitals, apartment buildings, office buildings etc can be represented with the help of 3D visualization. 


3D Virtual Tour

Through a 3D virtual tour, customers get to experience the planned building or space virtually. This tour is not limited to the use of still images or videos. F9 Studio uses Matterport 3D Scan Data to give customers the real look and feel of the location. In the case of the real estate sector, this is the most immersive way to indulge customers.


Graphic Design

This refers to a stream of visual communication or communication design that uses techniques like typography, photography or illustration. Ideas, concepts or messages are attractively represented by our skilled designers through combinations of symbols, text and images. Graphic design is important when it comes to formulation of an organization’s logo, for page designing in print media, for print ads, for maps, for product packaging, signage etc. 


Brochure Design

A brochure is marketing collateral that is of immense importance in brand building. Designing a brochure needs much expertise as it is a compact document in which a lot of information needs to be accommodated. High-quality brochure designing ensures a smart fold-structure, attractive design, clear and accurate printing, proper representation of elements etc.


Product Design and Animation

Animation and videos are an integral part of digital marketing. It is a proven fact that product videos online can influence buyers much more than traditional forms of offline marketing. Product videos can reach out to the maximum target audience at minimum cost, especially when compared to real-world events. Online marketing is also way more effective in connecting to customers or understanding their traits.