Who We Are
To conceptualize great ideas one needs to turn them into visions. Visualization makes ideas more life-like, credible, influential and effective. F9 planet is a boutique graphic studio working on digital representation and visualization. We have become the best 3D visualization agency in Kolkata in a short span of 9 years since our inception in 2010. Our expertise in architectural rendering and visualization technology will soon make us the leading visual creative solutions provider in eastern India.

The journey of F9 Planet Studio 
It is the 21st Century! In this age of digitalization, that idea which has not been attractively represented has very high chances of being ignored, however path-breaking, unique or new it may be. This is where F9 Planet comes in! We simulate your ideas and concepts through Architectural Rendering and Visualization.

We have been working in the field since May 2010. We are today the best 3D Visualization agency in Kolkata. A highly skilled team of technicians, ace graphics experts, advanced technical infrastructure and use of the latest technology enable us to deliver high-quality result-oriented solutions at affordable costs.

  " -We Tell Stories By Creating Designs on Unique Ideas-"